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Homemade Lemonade

Updated: May 25, 2020

Made and written by Saki A

Yield: 2 servings


1/3 cup sugar

4 freshly squeezed lemon juice, pulp and rinds reserved

salt to taste


1. In a small saucepan combine sugar with 1/3 cup water and place over medium heat; cook, stirring until sugar dissolves.

2. In another pot bring 2 cups water to a boi; remove from heat, and add rinds and pulp. Cover, let steep for 10 minutes and then strain.

3. Combined strained liquid in two glasses with lemon juice and salt, if using (recommended). Refrigerate until ready to serve. Add the syrup from step 1. Done!

Salt makes your lemonade sweeter

When the sun is out, I like to lounge on my patio for hours on end with my sunglasses and a refreshing, citrusy drink. I happened to have some extra lemons in my kitchen, so I made some impromptu lemonade! Highly recommend. It tastes even sweeter when you add salt, but why?

Although the exact mechanism is unknown, salt can help emphasize tastes/flavors in certain dishes. Salt is especially effective in improving the taste in bitter sweet dishes, as salt enhances sweetness while reducing bitterness in foods. Bitter lemons can therefore make great lemonades, with the addition of syrup (to add sweetness) and salt (to emphasize the sweetness). Salt is also known to hide unpleasant metallic or chemical flavors, improving the overall balance and taste of food.

The real MVPs for helping you detect taste are the many taste receptor cells found in each of your taste bud. There are about 50-100 cells in a singular taste bud! Surprisingly, tastebuds are also found in your gut and pancreas. Unlike the cells in the tongue, their job is not about letting your brain know how good or bad something tastes. Instead, they are responsible for sensing nutrients and maintaining a balanced metabolic process.


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