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Red wine paired with steak

Cooked by Masa A

Written by Saki A

Yield 2



Red wine


1. Follow the directions previously shared in Masa's "Angus beef steak" recipe.

2. Pair it with wine and enjoy!

Why pair wine with steak?

Turning 60 in Japan means something special. It's called kanreki. Kan means "return" and reki means "calendar", and this signifies the beginning of one's second childhood. According to the Chinese zodiac calendar (where the Japanese tradition has originated from), age 60 marks a new beginning in the 60-year life cycle. The color red is used to symbolize this celebratory occasion. My dad who recently turned 60 celebrated appropriately with red wine and red meat.

This paring of wine and steak works amazingly well. The reason is proteins and fats in the steak make the wine taste less bitter and astringent. Now, why is that? Tannins in wine are chemical compounds with a bitter taste. Tannins bind well with proteins in meat and will clump together with other tannin-bound proteins, instead of binding with saliva proteins that could bind to taste buds. Fats in meat also favorably bind with tannin. Therefore, proteins and fats in meat can minimize the detected bitterness by your taste buds, making your wine taste more delightful! This explains why fatty and creamy cheese are often paired with wine as well.

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