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Sourdough bread

Updated: May 25, 2020

Baked and written by Avi M.

Yield: 1 loaf

Ingredients Active starter

All-purpose flour

Whole wheat flour


Kosher salt

Optional: caraway seeds


Refer to the directions in the recipes cited in the sources!

Tips from Avi

  • The most important part is getting a strong sourdough starter, after that you can do anything (I use a mix of bread, whole wheat and rye flour)

  • It's generally good to start with hybrid loaves (i.e. a mix of your starter and dry yeast), but once confident, the bread really gets its best taste and tangy flavor when you omit dry yeast and rely purely on your sourdough starter

  • Once your stater is active, I usually take it out two days before mixing the dough, and feed it every 12 hours. Once you've mixed the dough, you can re-feed the starter and pop it in the fridge... in the fridge it can last several week/until your next bake

  • And you can make more than just bread! Sourdough pizza sounds amazing, and you can also use the discarded starter to make pancakes, etc. (I did scallion pancakes a few months ago and they were quite tasty)

  • The only issue now is finding bread flour, all the quarantine hipsters stole my idea and buying up the stock!!!!


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